Evening Tours


Uluwatu Sunset and Kecak Dance

Uluwatu temple located in amazing view, it is not only religious atmosphere at this marvelous temple, but the visitors able to see beautiful panoramic was created by the lord. There are beautiful white spume producing by the lacing wave are able to see from the above of cliff.

Kecak Fire and Sanghyang Trance Dance

Kecak Dance is like sendratari in which there are drama and dance. It is performed by many people. The story is mostly about Lakon Pewayangan like Rama and Shinta. Kecak Dance is not performed in ceremony. It's only an entertainment

Kecak Dance and Jimbaran Romantic Dinner

Enjoying Bali island in the afternoon are one of interesting journeys. Get massage treatment that make your body relax and fit. Watching Kecak Dance with the unique of Balinese Dance and it's story will accompany you during having romantic dinner in Jimbaran Bay Beach.