Culture And Religion

///Culture And Religion

Discover West Bali’s Temples

This trip are exploring objects in west of bali such as Ulundanu temple, it is famous since the temple located in the middle of lake and has beautiful natural view, visiting historical temple which has story like romeo and Juliet with bitter ending, this temple is in the middle of forest, the last is sightseeing at national park in the west of bali, it is a sanctuary for scarce animal from bali like Balinese starling

Tenganan Bali Aga Village Tour

Bali island has a lot of different handicrafts, so we offering you to look around the central of handicrafts and seeing the process on making it directly, such as Balinese batik weaving, silver smith at celuk, wood carving also painting at batuan village, and don’t miss to sightseeing at tenganan village, this village is untouched yet with modernization.

Ubud Cultural Heritage Tour

Puri Saren Ubud (Ubud Palace) is the Gorgeous Palace of Ubud Empire in Bali with their traditional houses as the resident of the king of Ubud. The existence of this palace was shown the soul and identity of the village itself

Sightseeing To The East Part Of Balinese Empire

Perjalanan ini adalah sebuah perjalanan mengunjungi tempat sejarah - sejarah kuno di bali seperti jalan-jalan ke Gua Lawah dimana adalah sebuah pura yang dihuni ribuan kelelawar, dilanjutkan mengunjungi pengadilan jaman kuno bali dimana dibangun saat kerajaan Bali kuno kemudian mengunjungi tempat kerajaan karangasem.

The Royal Temple Of Mengwi and Batukaru Temple

Tanah lot sunset temple trip is to visit beautiful historical temples and has different stories, so don’t miss to join this tour. Escapade temple in the middle of reservoir accompany with local people doing fishing.