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//Daily Tours

VW Safari West Bali Tours

Jatiluwih is a village in mountain located in the valley of mount Batukaru with 850 height surface above the sea. To reach this place, you should through narrow and ascend road. Jatiluwih village is owned by Tabanan regency, it has plantation and rice paddy terrace. This view is very marvelous particularly in the twilight.

VW Safari North Bali Tours

Our main journey is to Kintamani Village and to visit some gorgeous destination in our way there. Our first stop is at Tampaksiring Temple to see a temple purification water. When we arrive at Kintamani Village, We are going to have lunch while enjoying the Batur Lake. The next stop is at Goa Gajah and continued to Ubud market

VW Safari East Bali Tours

Experience the unique tour with the legendary Volkswagen convertible car get closer the nature of Bali. The roof less will let you to heal the mountain and village fresh air, beautiful panorama and the villagers activity

Uluwatu Sunset and Kecak Dance

Uluwatu temple located in amazing view, it is not only religious atmosphere at this marvelous temple, but the visitors able to see beautiful panoramic was created by the lord. There are beautiful white spume producing by the lacing wave are able to see from the above of cliff.

Kecak Fire and Sanghyang Trance Dance

Kecak Dance is like sendratari in which there are drama and dance. It is performed by many people. The story is mostly about Lakon Pewayangan like Rama and Shinta. Kecak Dance is not performed in ceremony. It's only an entertainment

Kecak Dance and Jimbaran Romantic Dinner

Enjoying Bali island in the afternoon are one of interesting journeys. Get massage treatment that make your body relax and fit. Watching Kecak Dance with the unique of Balinese Dance and it's story will accompany you during having romantic dinner in Jimbaran Bay Beach.

Shopping In Ubud and Central Bali

For those who delight in colleting antique goods are appropriate to choose this tour. This trip will visiting several art and handicraft objects, such as silver jewelry, panting, wood carving and many more, you are also able to purchase it for souvenirs.

Denpasar City and Sightseeing Tour

Denpasar is Bali island’s capital town, it has a lot of historical objects and the citizen unique way to endure their daily life, such as sightseeing bajra sandi at renon, there are huge bajra monument and visiting traditional biggest market in bali called kumbasari market, in this market you are able to see many sellers displaying their wares and the last trip is visiting empire’s museum at Jagatnatha temple.

Discover West Bali’s Temples

This trip are exploring objects in west of bali such as Ulundanu temple, it is famous since the temple located in the middle of lake and has beautiful natural view, visiting historical temple which has story like romeo and Juliet with bitter ending, this temple is in the middle of forest, the last is sightseeing at national park in the west of bali, it is a sanctuary for scarce animal from bali like Balinese starling

Tenganan Bali Aga Village Tour

Bali island has a lot of different handicrafts, so we offering you to look around the central of handicrafts and seeing the process on making it directly, such as Balinese batik weaving, silver smith at celuk, wood carving also painting at batuan village, and don’t miss to sightseeing at tenganan village, this village is untouched yet with modernization.