Daily Diving Tours at Menjangan Island

The walls have caves, crevasses and spires and are covered with huge gorgonian fans and barrel sponges. Schooling banner fish, butterfly fish, groupers, frog fish, trigger fish, jack fish, sweetlips, midnight snappers, together with the occasional timid white tip and the black tip reef sharks make for an exciting and safe diving experience. We have even spotted on numerous occasions manta rays and whale sharks. Exploring this vast diving island would take quite some time so we recommend at least two days of diving

Day Trips to Nusa Penida

Nusa Penida Island and the bunch of small island surrounding of it, Lembongan and Ceningan Island are located in southeast of Bali Island. There are many dive sports for the activities of diving, like Manta Point, Crystal Bay ( Nusa Penida) and Toya Pakeh which are located in Nusa Penida Island.

Blue Lagoon at Padang Bai

Padang Bai, located about one hour and a half from Kuta, has dive sites for the novice to the more experienced diver. The Blue Lagoon is ideal for all divers. Starting from 2 to 18 meters, the clear calm water has tons of fish, plant, and marine life associated with tropical warm water diving.

Tulamben Bay: World Class Shipwreck Diving

World famous for the USS Liberty shipwreck and the amazing variety of marine life found there. You can also dive a drop-off, a shallow coral garden, and a deep coral reef. Tulamben is the best place to night dive in Bali and you can take a magical sunrise dive